Security & Governance

From our secure servers and data protection measures to independent assessment of our doctors and health practices, everything we do is monitored and regulated to the highest possible standards to ensure we deliver a first rate service.


Next to your health, the security and privacy of your information and data are of utmost importance to us. We treat your information the same way we want our data to be treated. With utmost care and confidentiality

Whether you’re booking an appointment, uploading a test result or speaking to a doctor on Doctor Care Anywhere, your data is fully protected.

• Your account is password protected with a secure log-in
• You will always have secure access to the site and app
• All video and phone consultations are encrypted

And we will never share your confidential information with anyone. Ever.

Data safety and protection

To make sure your data is always safe, we operate at the highest level of security.

All of our policies, systems and entire management system are compliant with worldwide standards on Information Security (ISO 27001) and Quality (9001).

Doctor Care Anywhere has:

  • The best-in-class security and attack protection
  • Encrypted data records
  • Highly secure servers
  • Official sensitive hosting

If you’d like to read more about our privacy policy and data security credentials, you can do so here.


Our Clinical Governance Board is a multi-disciplinary team and chaired by Dr Paul Zollinger-Read CBE, who has more than twenty years of local, national and international clinical governance leadership experience.

Gender Pay Gap Report

The Gender Pay Gap Report reviews the difference of the average rate of pay between male and female colleagues, and the data presented is based on our UK workforce.

Click here to see our Gender Pay Gap Report 2021.

Top tips to keeping your account safe and secure!

  • Password security: Your Doctor Care Anywhere must be a minimum of eight characters in length and contain at least one lowercase, uppercase and numeric character to keep it secure. We strongly recommend that you update your password regularly to reduce the risk of being hacked. We also recommend that you refrain from using memorable words or combinations of numbers as this is exactly what hackers look for.

    We understand that memorising a random password can be tricky and suggest using a password manager to help you with this (for more information, check out the National Cyber Security website here). Password managers keep track of your passwords securely and prevent you from having to write them down where someone may find them. If you get hacked, they will be able to access your medical information.

    Trust us: regularly updating your password is worth the effort.

  • Accessing from a public device: Please try and use your own devices at all times to access the service. If you have to access the service on a public computer, remember not to click “remember password”.

  • People pretending to be us: Phishing means an attempt by criminals to steal your PINs and passwords through lies, deception and manipulation. They might pose as a DCA employee, third-party agent, or even a chatbot. We will never request you to send us your passwords or bank card details via email or over the phone. Do not believe anyone that contacts you pretending to be us that states otherwise.

    If you are contacted by us regarding the need to update your details, you will always be taken to a secure area within our application to do so.

  • Downloading things on your laptop: you may have been told not to accept sweets from strangers when you were a child. Well, we recommend the same thing: do not open, consent to, accept or download anything from an individual or company you do not know. Hackers are clever and if you install a dodgy piece of hardware it can make you vulnerable to hackers. Our mobile and web applications are fully loaded with all the software you might need, so you shouldn’t have to download anything extra.

  • Log off when you are done: As part of our commitment to keeping your account safe, you will be automatically logged out after a long period of inactivity. If you are finished in the app then simply log out. Be aware that if you remain logged in and leave your device somewhere unlocked, people may be able to access your information. For the sake of not clicking that one last time, we urge to log off when you are finished using the service.

  • Keep an eye out for anything unusual: Stay vigilant and stay secure. There are some nasty people out there that are up to no good. If you notice anything unusual about something you have received from us, please contact us separately. We are here to look after you and your data.