A note on the NHS

Are you part of the NHS?

The simple answer is no. While all our GPs have at least five years' experience working for the NHS, Doctor Care Anywhere is a private platform. So whether you access our service through a pay-as-you-go subscription or appointment, your employee healthcare scheme or your insurance provider, this will not form part of your NHS care.

We have a lot of love and respect for the NHS. And as the system struggles to satisfy patient demand, our private services can help ease some of these pressures.

How does this work with my NHS GP?

Registering with us will not affect your relationship with your registered NHS practice. This means you can access our services and still make appointments at your local practice. You can even share your Doctor Care Anywhere consultation notes with your current GP so that any information provided through our service can supplement your existing NHS medical information. Rest assured, we always ask for your consent before sharing any information with your registered GP (data privacy is very important to us!).

We strongly advise you provide details of your NHS practice in your Doctor Care Anywhere account under "GP, NHS & emergency contacts". You will also be prompted to add this information when booking a consultation if you have not already done so.

Why is it important to share my notes with my NHS GP?

You may already know this but private healthcare and the NHS aren't connected in any way. So unless you tell your NHS GP that you have received private care, they will have no idea. And unless you share your consultation notes, they will have gaps in their knowledge about your health that may contain important information. This is why it’s so important to share your notes with your local GP. Doing so will provide them with a more complete picture when you are feeling unwell, helping them treat any symptoms or concerns.

High-quality healthcare is about continuity. And this means your doctors having as much information as possible about you and your health. It's for this reason that we encourage you to share your notes wherever you feel comfortable doing so.

For the same reason, we also recommend adding your medical history to your Doctor Care Anywhere account and even uploading your NHS Summary Care record from your NHS GP (you can request this from them anytime and it will be provided to you free of charge!).

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