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Meet some of our experienced doctors

  • Dr. Chanele Blackwood

    I am a Lead GP at DCA. I enjoy working at DCA because I can work in the comfort of my own home, have no distractions or interruptions from other duties, and have more time to consult with each patient; meaning that I am able to really focus on each patient.

    As a Lead GP, I love that I can support other GPs in maintaining a great standard of care for our patients at DCA.

  • Dr. Sherina Fernandes

    I qualified as a doctor in 2003 and as a GP in 2008 I first worked in digital health for a in 2015 which opened my eyes to the opportunities for both the medical profession and patients using digital health. I joined doctor care anywhere in 2018 following maternity leave. I have a lifestyle GP role in the NHS using group consultations to help people with chronic disease use diet and lifestyle to reduce or come off their medication.

    I love my role as a GP and clinical lead, Doctor Care Anywhere really looks after their GPs and I enjoy playing a part in this too as happier healthier doctors make happier healthier patients!

  • Dr. Anindya Sanyal (Ronny)

    I have been working as a private virtual GP since I attained membership and regularly consult for my local NHS practice and in the out of hours setting. I have a special interest in dermatology. I have developed experience and knowledge though consulting with patients who have dermatological conditions on the DCA platform.

    The team at DCA is always positive and friendly. It’s easy to connect with each other and always help at hand should it be needed. I love being able to make a tangible difference to patient care using the DCA platform, its often rewarding to be able to come to a diagnosis virtually and save patient time & valuable NHS resources.

  • Dr. Subali Nallamala

    I successfully completed the MRCGP in 2010. I worked as a NHS GP for 8 years before joining DCA in 2020. General Practice is a diverse and exciting career which involves managing diverse medical conditions and people of ages. I love the challenge of constantly updating my knowledge and having to know something about everything!

    The longer consultation times, timely access to advice from GP colleagues and specialists and wonderful feedback from patients makes DCA a safe, well supported, and enjoyable place to work.

  • Dr. Tania Liva

    I love DCA’s flexibility, amazing support, and 20-minute appointments which allows me to perform at my best and provide excellent care. I believe in this innovative way of delivery healthcare so much, that I have decided to progress my career to the role of GP Lead, which I truly cherish.

    I have special interests in Women and Sexual Health, Orthopaedic and Neurologic disorders; Lifestyle Medicine is my biggest passion as I believe in healing through healthy choices.

  • Dr. Rachael Jakeman

    Throughout my 20-year GP career I’ve pursued my interest in women’s health gaining diplomas from both the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (DRCOG) and the faculty of Family Planning and Sexual Health (DFFP with competence in fitting contraceptive implants). I’m also passionate about helping and empowering women to thrive throughout the menopause. I enjoy the variety in General Practice but have a keen interest in young people’s health, mental health, lifestyle medicine and palliative care.

    I enjoy working for DCA and feel that the company’s charitable work supports its values of caring for its colleagues, customers and community.

  • Dr. Mohd Suhaimi

    I am currently a salaried NHS GP and have been with DCA for nearly 2 years now. I joined DCA as I was looking to do more work at home rather than having a long commute to work. I enjoy working with DCA as it allows me to have more time with my family as my sessions don't over run and when I finish, I'm home already! DCA also has minimal paperwork i.e. no script signings or reviewing blood tests. During training, I covered paediatrics, psychiatry, A&E, gastroenterology, general surgery and orthopaedics. This gave me the experience and the confidence in dealing with these issues in my GP practice.

  • Dr. Claire Bonner

    I’ve worked as a DCA GP for over 5 years. I enjoy the variety, speaking to people from all over and advising about their health concerns, from the comfort of my own home. The longer appointments also mean less time pressure. DCA work fits in well with my lifestyle and other commitments too.

    As well as being an experienced GP, I have additional expertise in dermatology, having worked in my local hospital dermatology department for 11 years. I also have an interest in women’s health and lifestyle medicine.

  • Dr. Caroline Wall

    I am a GP with over 7 years experience within the NHS and private sectors. I am happy to discuss all areas of family medicine and I am a mother to 3 young children myself. I am passionate about women’s health and menopause but also have a keen interest in mental health and musculoskeletal injuries.

    I love working for DCA, the whole team are driven to deliver excellent patient care and providing patients with the accessibility and flexibility they need.

  • Dr. Samana Syed

    I have been working with DCA for over two years but have been a GP for over ten years, and in that time, I still love the wide variety of patients that we come across and working with DCA has given me more flexibility to continue with this alongside balancing my busy life as a mum of three.

    Working remotely with DCA does not limit you feeling part of a team, on the contrary, I have felt supported and connected with like-minded GPs and professionals across DCA. My specific interests include child and women's health as well as mental wellbeing, and more recently exploring lifestyle medicine.

  • Dr. Alwin Mascarenhas

    I truly enjoy working for DCA as it gives me flexibility to see patients remotely and at a time that fits me. DCA is a supportive organisation, responsive and innovative. I have developed an excellent working relationship with my DCA colleagues. I have more than 15 years of NHS experience and my special interest includes holistic care, urgent care and mental health. DCA allows me to use my skills and provide high quality care.

  • Dr. Shaleen Narang

    I joined DCA over a year ago. I love working for DCA. It feels like a big family, all working to achieve the same goals. I was a salaried GP in London for almost six years and taught foundation trainees. I relocated during the pandemic and then started working for DCA alongside regular NHS locum work. I love the flexibility that DCA provides. I have found a healthy work, life balance and have found the confidence to become a GP with a variety of skills and interest.

    I am still able to provide continuity of care through the platform and the 20 minutes allows one to spend quality time with the patient. Patients present with such a broad variety of symptoms and problems. Seeing the patient satisfaction through their journey and their experience makes me feel like I am making a difference. A happy patient makes a happy doctor!

  • Dr. Krishni Kumaranayakam

    Having qualified as a Doctor in 2006, I’ve spent the last 10 years working as a GP in London. I enjoy all aspects of General Practice and have a wide spread of experience. My special interest lies in Women’s Health including Menopause care.

    It has been a real pleasure joining the DCA team who’s innovative and forward thinking ideas have created easily accessible, high quality care for patients.

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Clinical Governance

- All our doctors’ activity is overseen by our Clinical Governance Board who make sure that everything is done to the highest, most professional standard possible.

- With decades of first-class clinical primary care experience in both the NHS and private sector, they provide impartial and external advice and guidance to our doctors and in-house clinical team.

- More information about our governance can be found here.