Service improvements

We’re constantly speaking to our patients to help us inform the evolution of our service. Here are some recently added features that have been informed by the people that use it.

Verifying your identity

Before you can have an appointment, you need to verify your identity. We've added pointers to help users do this as smoothly as possible, including tailored emails should your verification fail.

Patient surveys

We encourage users to provide feedback after each consult - good or bad. It’s a really valuable way to help us shape our service.

Appointment booking

We're always looking at ways to make booking an appointment as easy as possible. We introduced a predictive health condition search, as well as a streamlined 'self triage' process to get the most from your time with the GP.

Account security

We implemented one time passwords across all of our sign up journeys, to ensure that they're super secure. Users can also log into their accounts using a PIN, or Face ID.

Testing your device

Users couldn’t test their device until they were waiting for their consult to begin. We added the ability to test your device whenever you like. You can now log into the iOS app and test your speakers, audio, video and ensure you’re consultation ready.

Our tone of voice

We established a set of ‘Tone Principles’. We want to speak to our users in a way that is Simple, Thoughtful and Friendly.