Patient records

If it starts with us, it’s stored with us.

24/7 access to your
medical history

Easy to update with any allergies,
past conditions and relevant family history

Share consultation notes

Your medical history,
all in one safe place

At Doctor Care Anywhere, anything you see us about will be recorded on your account under your patient record. You can also add your previous medical history to this. Just ask your NHS GP to provide a copy of your summary care record and simply upload it to your profile.

  • No more trying to remember everything. You can simply review your consultation notes and your clinicians advice whenever you like
  • Upload test results and photos to share with your clinician during consultations
  • Share your consultation notes, referrals and fit notes with other healthcare professionals, insurers and employers

Privacy matters

At Doctor Care Anywhere, we use secure servers to make sure your information is properly protected. Under the data protection laws, there are some rules when it comes to privacy and medical records.

Under 18
If your children are under 18, you will be able to manage and book their appointments just like you would with your local GP. You will also be able to access their patient record whenever you need to. You will need to confirm parental responsibility for any children registered under your policy. Find out more about the patient identity checks.

Over 18
As with all adult medical records, you are only able to access your own records. Even if your partner or parents are on your Doctor Care Anywhere account, you will not be able to view anything unless they choose to share it with you. The same applies for booking any appointments for them.

You’re in control

As a patient, you have real control over your healthcare. Not only is it a great reference point, you can also share your notes with other healthcare professionals and specialists and monitor your medical history.

Frequently asked

Do I have access to my medical record?

Since you have 24/7 access to your patient record, you can look at it whenever you like. It’s deliberately written in a non-jargon way that is easy for everyone to understand. Not only can you read the doctors notes and recommendations from your consultations, you can also add to the notes and upload documents and files to keep your medical history up-to-date.

Will Doctor Care Anywhere keep a record of my conversation with the clinician?

All of your interactions on Doctor Care Anywhere are accessible to you at any time. From your consultation notes, bookings, referrals, fit notes, and anything else you may have uploaded will be stored on your secure and confidential record. You can also download your consultation notes, referral letters and fit notes as a PDF and share with your NHS GP, insurer, employer and other healthcare professionals.

Do you sell patient data?

Absolutely not. Your data is completely private and we do not sell any of it.

Is my data safe?

We take your privacy very seriously and ensure that all patient data held by us is protected and stored on secure servers.

Where is my medical data stored?

All our patient data is hosted on Azure which is UK accredited and one of the first G-Cloud providers to achieve Pan Government Accreditation up to IL3. 

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