Here’s a list of some of the most commonly asked questions we get.

Service and appointments

What is Doctor Care Anywhere?

Doctor Care Anywhere gives you 24-hour access to a GP by video or phone call. With our app on your phone, you can see a doctor from wherever you are - at home, work or island getaway. Our doctors are available 7 days a week, every day of the year.

With up to 20-minute appointments, our doctors can take the time to understand your concerns, and ensure the care you receive is second to none. Doctor Care Anywhere also offers private prescriptions with medication delivered to your door, as well as specialist referrals and fit notes. 

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, we want to give you and your family the best possible medical advice and peace of mind, whenever and wherever.

Are you part of the NHS?

We’re not part of the NHS, which means you can use Doctor Care Anywhere without having to de-register from your regular NHS GP practice.

Rest assured, all of our doctors are GMC registered (the UK regulating body for doctors).

We have a lot of love and respect for the NHS. As the system struggles to satisfy patient demand, our private services can help ease some of these pressures.

Can I get an emergency appointment?

Firstly, it’s important to say we are not an emergency service.

If you have a medical emergency and you’re in the UK, you should call 111 or 999 or go straight to your nearest A&E (if you’re outside the UK, you can try these numbers).

You’ll find a list of the types of emergencies we don't treat under the ‘Treatments and diagnosing’ section below. This is just an indication and not a comprehensive list.

For non-emergencies, we can normally offer an appointment within four hours of booking, if not sooner. Most patients can get an appointment on the same day.*


*subject to appointment availability

Can I get a same day appointment?

Most of the time you can get an appointment on the same day, usually within four hours.*


*subject to appointment availability

Can I sign up over the phone?

You’ll find it easier to sign up using an internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile phone.

As a fully digital service, the registration process includes creating an online account, a secure password (that no one else is aware of), giving consent to our terms and conditions and also uploading ID to verify your identity.

While our Patient Experience team is available to help, parts of this process will not be possible through a phone call alone. For more information about the sign up process, please call the team on 0330 088 4980.

Can I book a consultation over the phone?

Yes, you can. Our Patient Experience Team can book appointments over the phone, but only if you’re a registered and verified member.

If you don’t have an account or you aren't yet verified, a member of the team can help guide you through the process. Please give the team a call on 0330 088 4980.

Is Doctor Care Anywhere only for people from the UK?

Not at all. People of any nationality can use our service.

Can Doctor Care Anywhere be used by expats?

Yes, you can use Doctor Care Anywhere wherever you live.

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes just a few minutes to create an account via the Doctor Care Anywhere app or website.

Make sure you have your photo ID to hand, as you’ll need it to complete the verification process before you can book an appointment.

Don’t worry, you’ll only need to do this once.

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free trials of our service.



Can I get a prescription?

Yes, all of our GPs can write you a private prescription (if appropriate)

Can I get a prescription on the NHS?

We offer private prescriptions only as we’re not part of the NHS.

Can I get a repeat prescription on the NHS?

As we’re not part of the NHS, we don’t provide one-off or repeat NHS prescriptions.

We can, however, provide one-off private prescriptions.



How much does a private prescription cost?

We’re unable to give you an exact amount. The cost of private prescription medication is different to the standard NHS prescription charges and we have no control over what your pharmacy charges.

Our doctors always try to prescribe the most cost-effective medicine and will let you know if it's going to be expensive.

Please remember that exemption categories don't apply to private prescriptions. Also, if you're in Scotland or Wales, you will be charged for the cost of the medication, even if you normally get free prescriptions.

What is an ePrescription?

It’s an electronic prescription - they’re more convenient than a traditional printed one, and safer as they can only be redeemed once.

Will my local pharmacy accept an ePrescription?

Currently, we have agreements in place in the UK with Superdrug, Tesco Pharmacy, Day Lewis, Rowlands Pharmacy and Boots, who will all accept our ePrescriptions and be able to fulfill your medication within minutes. We’re working with more chains and independent pharmacies to ensure that these ePrescriptions are accepted more widely.

Can you email my prescription directly to me?

For safety reasons we don’t email prescriptions.

You can either download an ePrescription or we'll arrange for the ePrescription to be sent to your chosen pharmacy.

Can you send my prescription to my local pharmacy?

Yes we can. You’ll receive a notification when your doctor has published your Prescription. Once you receive this message, you can log into your account to choose how you’d like to get your medication.

Can I get my prescription medication delivered?

Yes - you can get your medication delivered to your door. It can be delivered in 4 hours within London and 24 hours in the rest of the UK.

Once your doctor has published your prescription, simply log into your account and select the delivery option you want.

For more information, please contact our Patient Experience team at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com or call 0330 088 4980.


Can I get my medication if I’m overseas?

If you are a UK resident you will only be able to redeem your prescription within the UK.

Can I get my prescription medication on the same day?

Yes, you should be able to get your medication on the same working day as your consultation.

If you’re in the UK, select an ePrescription* to download to your device, which you can present to the pharmacist. Or we can send the ePrescription ahead for collection in store.

If you’re in the European Economic Area (EEA), you should be able to get your medication on the same day, provided you've made your selection within local pharmacy working hours.

If you’re still unsure, please contact our Patient Experience team at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com or call +44 330 088 4980.

*Accepted at certain pharmacy groups

Is there any medication that you cannot prescribe?

Yes. Certain medications can’t be prescribed through remote clinical services. 

This includes controlled drugs (such as diazepam), strong opiates (such as morphine and tramadol), and medication that requires close monitoring (such as methotrexate).

Before we prescribe certain medication, we may need some more information to make sure it’s safe to do so. Please upload the extra information when prompted before your appointment, as this could affect the outcome of your appointment.


GPs and clinical governance

Are the Doctor Care Anywhere GPs fully trained?

All our doctors are General Practitioners (GPs) who are registered and hold a current licence to practice with the General Medical Council (GMC). They have the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) or a valid equivalent qualification.

They have at least 5 years' post graduation experience and all undergo the regulatory monitoring of their medical practice through the annual NHS appraisal system.

All our doctors receive bespoke video consultation skills training and we have rigorous recruitment, training and continuous performance management processes in place to ensure our GPs are top of their game at all times.

Are the GPs based in the UK?

All of our GPs are UK-qualified and registered with the GMC. While the majority are UK based, some provide consultations from Europe or elsewhere. This allows us to provide a 24/7 service.

Can the GPs speak any other language?

Unfortunately, our GPs only consult in English. We are unable to use translation services during an appointment and cannot accommodate family members translating on behalf of a patient.

How experienced are your GPs?

All our doctors have at least 5 years' post qualification experience, either in the NHS or in the private sector in the UK.

Can I select the GP I want to see when booking my appointment?

Yes. You can choose a GP by the areas they specialise in, the languages they speak, by name if you’ve seen them before or by gender if you’d prefer to speak to a male or female doctor.

What qualifications do your GPs have?

Our doctors come from a variety of backgrounds.

All our doctors are General Practitioners (GPs) who are registered and hold a current licence to practice with the General Medical Council (GMC). They have the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) or a valid equivalent qualification.

They have at least 5 years' post graduation experience and all undergo the regulatory monitoring of their medical practice through the annual NHS appraisal system.

All our doctors receive bespoke video consultation skills training and we have rigorous recruitment, training and continuous performance management processes in place to ensure our GPs are top of their game at all times.

Many of our doctors also have numerous additional qualifications. You can find out more about our doctors and their fields of interest here

Can your GPs prescribe medication?

Yes, all of our GPs can prescribe medication and write private prescriptions if deemed necessary during your consultation.

Can I email my Doctor Care Anywhere GP?

For privacy reasons, you can't email your GP directly. But if you have any queries, you can email our Patient Experience team at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com or give them a call on +44 330 088 4980.

If you'd like to speak to the same doctor again, you can simply book another appointment with them.

Technology, troubleshooting and feedback

What are the technical requirements I need to use Doctor Care Anywhere?

The best way of accessing Doctor Care Anywhere is through our app, which you can download for both iOS and Android.

Doctor Care Anywhere works on most computers with Windows XP (or above) or Mac OX 10.6 (or above.)

You'll need a good internet connection plus a camera and/or microphone for your video or phone call appointments. Some work computers block certain plug ins, which might cause issues during a video consultation and so we recommend that you use a personal device.

For the best experience of the platform on a computer, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome.

Can I use Doctor Care Anywhere on my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely! You can book appointments and have your consultation on either your smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you're using a smartphone or tablet, it’s best to download our app from the iOS or Android store.

Do you have an app?

Yes, we do. The Doctor Care Anywhere app is available on both iOS and Android.

How secure is your service?

Our data is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, accredited to the UK Government G Cloud framework Level 6. Patient records are encrypted in transit using SSL and at rest using SQL encryption. The Azure data centres also have ISO 27017 (information security in the cloud), ISO 27018 (privacy protection in the cloud), ISO 22301(business continuity).

As an organization, we are certified with the internationally recognized information security controls defined in the ISO/IEC 27001 and are HIPAA compliant.

I had connection issues and missed my consultation. Will I be able to get a refund?

If you are having difficulties accessing the consultation you can cancel your booking before the scheduled consultation time.

For patients who have purchased a one-off appointment, if you cancel within 12 hours before your scheduled appointment time, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.

For full details on our cancellation policy, please view our terms and conditions.

Who do I contact at Doctor Care Anywhere when it comes to feedback or complaints?

First of all, we're very sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our service. We take all feedback seriously, so please let us know your problem and we'll do our best to remedy the situation.

If you would like to make a complaint, please get in touch using the following details:

Email: contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com

Telephone: 0330 0884980

Post: Doctor Care Anywhere, 13-15 Bouverie Street, 2nd Floor, London EC4Y 8DP

Making a formal complaint

If you would like to make a formal complaint about the service or treatment you received, please contact us by post or email. You can also notify us of your intention to complain by phone, but we will kindly ask that you put your complaint in writing, if possible, as it will help us understand the nature of your concern and seek the best resolution.

When will you hear from us?

We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days and aim to complete our investigation within 20 days, but often much sooner. Our Complaints Officer will provide regular updates throughout the resolution process so you will be notified of any delays, especially if we need to contact other parties as part of the investigation. You can find out more about our complaints process by reading Section 26 of our Terms and Conditions. Once we have completed the investigation, we will provide a formal response in writing.

Complaining on behalf of someone else?

We are careful to protect patient confidentiality, so you must have permission to complain on another adult’s behalf. In such instances, we will ask to speak with the complainant directly or request a signed letter of authority that permits you to act for him or her.

Treatments and diagnosing

What do Doctor Care Anywhere GPs treat?

Here are some examples of common conditions we treat:

Chest infection 
Childhood illness
Digestive problems
Ear, nose and throat problems (e.g. sinusitis, sore throat, earache) 
Men’s Health 
Skin problems (e.g. acne, rash, infection) 
Urinary tract infection (non-recurrent and women only)
Women's health

What don't Doctor Care Anywhere GPs treat?

It’s important to note that Doctor Care Anywhere is not an emergency service. So if you have a medical emergency, you’ll need to call 111/999 or go to your nearest A&E in the UK.

Here are examples of some of medical emergencies we don’t treat:

  • Difficulty in breathing or severe shortness of breath
  • Chest pain/suspected heart attack
  • Suspected stroke or seizures
  • Severe pain especially of sudden onset
  • Severe infections
  • High fever in unwell infants
  • Obstetric or pregnancy complications
  • Severe bleeding
  • Serious trauma to head, spine or limbs
    (e.g. broken bones or burns)
  • Severe mental health concerns
    (e.g. self harm, suicidal thoughts or psychosis)
  • Dental issues (if our GPs identify that your symptoms are related to a dental issue they will sign post you to dental services for further assessment)
Do Doctor Care Anywhere GPs offer a second opinion?

Yes. Our GPs are happy to offer patients a second opinion. Just let them know that you’d like this to be the main focus of your appointment when booking.

Can I get a referral letter?

Yes, after a thorough consultation, our GPs can provide you with a specialist referral letter if they think you need to be referred for further treatment. There is no additional charge for providing the referral letter.

What happens if you can't treat my condition?

We will always go out of our way to help you understand the best way to manage your health concern. If it’s a condition we can’t treat, we will be able to help point you in the right direction of the best onward care or recommending the appropriate assessment. For instance, our GPs can complete a referral letter for you to see a specialist. You can also use the personal advice you receive in your consultation notes to discuss treatment options with your local NHS GP. 

What happens if I need to have additional tests?

We can advise you on the type of investigation options you should discuss with your NHS or private GP and help point you in the right direction of the best onward care. If necessary, we can also refer you to a private GP or specialist for further evaluation and diagnostic testing.

Certain policies allow our GPs to arrange some diagnostics tests such as blood work, ultrasounds and MRI scans.

Which is more appropriate for me – a video or phone consultation?

It all depends on what works best for you and what it is you want to speak about with the doctor.

For instance, if you have a rash, we would strongly advise a video consultation or to upload some high quality images of the rash to help the doctor make a diagnosis.

All children under the age of 18 will always need to book a video appointment.

Does Doctor Care Anywhere treat medical emergencies?

No, we do not.

We are not an emergency service.

So if you have a medical emergency, you’ll need to call 111/999 or go to your nearest A&E in the UK.

If you are unsure about whether your condition is an emergency or not, then you can still book an appointment.

Make sure you state exactly what the issue is when prompted so that our doctors can make a proper assessment and call you if they think you need to visit a hospital or see a doctor in-person immediately.

Here are some of the medical emergencies we recommend you visit A&E immediately for:

  • Chest pain
  • Haemorrhage
  • Obstetric/pregnancy complications
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Suspected stroke
  • Severe infections
  • Severe mental health (such as severe depression, anxiety, psychosis or mania)
  • Traumatic injuries

Data, privacy and medical record

Is my data safe?

We take your privacy very seriously and ensure that all patient data held by us is protected and stored on secure servers.

What type of security is enabled on the Doctor Care Anywhere platform?

Our platform operates in secure HTTPS mode and all audio/video/text is encrypted. The platform and data is hosted on Azure which is UK accredited and one of the first G-Cloud providers to achieve Pan Government Accreditation up to IL3 which is suitable for ensuring that your data remains secure and accessible only to you and with those you want to share it with.

Do you sell patient data?

Absolutely not. Your data is completely private and we do not sell any of it.

Will Doctor Care Anywhere keep a record of my conversation with the doctor?

All of your interactions on Doctor Care Anywhere are accessible to you at any time. From your consultation notes, bookings, referrals, fit notes, and anything else you may have uploaded will be stored on your secure and confidential record. You can also download your consultation notes, referral letters and fit notes as a PDF and share with your NHS GP, insurer, employer and other healthcare professionals.

Where is my medical data stored?

All our patient data is hosted on Azure which is UK accredited and one of the first G-Cloud providers to achieve Pan Government Accreditation up to IL3.

Do I have access to my medical record?

As a Doctor Care Anywhere patient you have 24/7 access to your DCA patient record. It’s deliberately written in a non-jargon way that is easy for everyone to understand. Not only can you read the doctors notes and recommendations from your consultations, you can also add to the notes and upload documents and files to keep your medical history up-to-date.

Patient records

Pricing, subscriptions and payment

How much does an appointment cost?

For private patients, the cost of an individual, one off appointment is £60 or just £90 for a 6-month subscription.

See more of our pricing options

How much does a subscription cost?

Our subscription costs for private patients vary depending on the type of package you choose. Prices start from just £90 for a 6-month subscription. Visit our pricing page for more options.

Is there a family subscription plan?

Yes, there is. Have a look at our pricing page to see what family plans we offer.

Is there a limit to the number of consultations that I can have with my subscription?

Our subscription package entitles you to an unlimited number of appointments each year (subject to our fair use policy)

Can I upgrade from one plan to another?

Yes, of course. If you want to change your subscription plan, please give our patient experience team a call on +44 330 088 4980 or drop them a line at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com

Can I add a family member to my family plan and how much does it cost?

You can add family members to your plan in just a couple of clicks.

The cost of adding a family member is shown on our pricing page and we offer a significant discount if you pay in advance for an annual subscription for family members.

If you have any questions about adding family members to your subscription, please call our customer service team on +44 330 088 4980 or email them at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you cancel your subscription within the first 3 months of your membership, you will be charged for the remainder of the 3 month period.

I think I may have a membership through my company. How can I check?

It’s worth checking to see if you’ve received an email from us asking you to set up your account. If you haven’t received an email yet, your company might still be in the process of sorting your account out. If you’re not sure, then please drop our patient experience team a line at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com or give them a call on +44 330 088 4980.

Can I claim back the cost of an appointment from my private medical insurer?

This all depends on who your private medical insurer is. Please check with them before booking an appointment. For one-off appointments, we provide a receipt after each consultation. For all subscription appointments, we send you a receipt when payment has been received.

Do I receive a discount if I have AXA PPP Healthcare private medical insurance?

Please contact AXA PPP Healthcare directly to find out of you are eligible for a discount.

Do I have to pay extra if I go over my time limit with the doctor?

Most of our patients will be able to cover everything they want to in a normal consultation. However, in the rare instances when a patient requires more time, our doctors may extend the length of the consultation and you will not be charged.

Does your pricing include the cost of prescriptions?

Our GPs write private prescriptions, so the cost of medicines is usually different from the standard NHS prescription charges. Sometimes it works out cheaper than the NHS charge or could be a little more.

We have no control over what your local pharmacy will charge. Some charge for fulfilling a private prescription.

Our doctors always try to prescribe the most cost effective medicine and will let you know if it's going to be expensive.

As a rough guide, our top 20 UK delivered private prescriptions are less than £20 an item.

What are the different ways to pay for an appointment or subscription?

Private patients can pay for Doctor Care Anywhere appointments and subscriptions using a credit or debit card. We accept all major forms of payment.

I am having trouble making a payment, what should I do?

If you are having trouble making a payment, please contact our patient experience team at contactus@doctorcareanywhere.com or call them on +44 330 088 4980.

How do I update my payment information?

You can update your payment information yourself by logging into your account, selecting Subscriptions and Billing and updating your credit or debit card information there.

Can I get a refund if I don't use the service?

Unfortunately not. You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you cancel your subscription within the first 3 months of your membership, you will be charged for the remainder of the 3 month period.

International service

Can I speak to a doctor when I am abroad?

Patients who access our service through a pay-as-you-go subscription, an employee healthcare scheme or through an insurance provider can speak to one of our doctors wherever you are in the world.

How many international appointments can I have as part of my subscription?

If you have signed up for an International subscription, you can have as many appointments as you need during the period of your subscription.

If you have purchased a UK domestic subscription, you are entitled to two appointments per person in a calendar year.

If you access Doctor Care Anywhere through your GP practice, we regret that we cannot offer international appointments.

Can I use Doctor Care Anywhere if I am not British?

Yes. People of any nationality can use our service.

Can I use Doctor Care Anywhere if I don't live in the UK?

Citizens of any country can use our service.

Can I use my prescription internationally?

Patients who access our service through a pay-as-you-go subscription, an employee healthcare scheme or through an insurance provider can use the Doctor Care Anywhere platform internationally.

For those patients, if you're in a country that's a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), we can send your prescription through to a local pharmacy. Our admin team will let you know when your medication is ready, so you can collect it.

If you're in a country outside the EEA, we will provide advice on the best course of action. You will be able to collect your medication 'over-the-counter' in many countries, but we recommend that you seek local advice when seeking a trusted pharmacy.

Other countries are subject to strict regulatory rules and you may need a prescription from a local doctor before you can collect your medication. These countries include the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our doctors can recommend appropriate medication during your consultation, but we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to source the medication without a local prescription.

Travelling abroad

Patient Identity Verification

What do I need to do to prove my identity?

Please make sure that you have your valid photo ID to hand. You’ll then be prompted to take a photo of yourself (a selfie) to be used as a comparison against the photo on your ID.

We can accept:

  • Passports

  • Photo Driver’s Licenses

  • National Identity Card

We’re can’t accept anything other than valid photo ID, which means we're unable to accept the older paper form of a driver’s license.


Can I use a scan of the document or does it need to be a photograph?

For safety reasons we can’t accept electronic scans or photocopies of documents. This is because scans can be tampered with and it's very difficult for us to tell if these are forgeries or counterfeits.

Instead, please use a photograph of the original identification documents, making sure you capture the whole document in a crisp, clear image with no cropping.

When should I upload my identity documents?

You can verify your identity at any stage, but it’s best if you to do it as soon as you register.

This ensures that your account is ready and you can book an appointment without any delays. Your account will need to be verified before you're able to book an appointment for yourself or for your child.

What happens after I submit my identity documents?

Our verification checks use artificial intelligence to compare the photo in your ID against the facial biometrics in the selfie you provide.

If the name on your documentation doesn’t match, your documentation has expired or it’s not readable then this can take a little longer. In the case where the name doesn’t match, we might ask for additional documents.

How long will it take to verify my documents?

Not long. Usually we’re able to verify you instantly.

If there’s a problem, we’ll send you an email to inform you about the next steps.

If we have to manually verify you then please allow up to 72 hours for this to be processed.

What happens if I can’t or don’t provide relevant documentation?

This step can’t be avoided and you won’t be able to book an appointment until you have submitted your identity documents (if we require them from you).

Why is identity verification important?

Identity verification is one of many ways we can protect the integrity and accuracy of your healthcare records.

Our identity checking process follows the mandatory step outlined by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of healthcare services in the UK. We work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that we provide a safe, effective service.

Do I need to provide proof of identity for a child?

Yes, we ask you to provide proof of Parental Responsibility for any patient under the age of 18 whom you add to your Doctor Care Anywhere policy. Please be aware that you can only book an appointment for your child once this relationship has been established.

Which documents can you use as proof of guardianship?

We accept the following documentation as proof of guardianship:

  • Birth certificate (parents are named on the certificate)

  • Copy of your child's passport

  • Adoption paperwork

Please ensure that any scan or photo of the documentation is clear and legible.

What if I’m not the legal guardian of the child?

You'll only be able to book appointments on behalf of a person under 18 once you have established parental responsibility.

If you don’t have parental responsibility, you won’t be able to be in charge of their account.

However, we can accept your booking if you add an adult who does have parental responsibility for the child to your account (provided there’s enough space on your policy).

If you have any questions, please call us on +44 330 088 4980 between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday so you can discuss this with a member of the team.

What happens after I’ve submitted proof of guardianship?

Our Patient Experience team will verify your guardianship documents and contact you if there are any problems. We’ll email you when the documents have been successfully processed.

How long will it take the team to verify the guardianship documents?

Our in-house team oversees the verification process for children, so please allow 72 hours for us to process the documents.

We urge you to upload the documents as soon as possible so you avoid any delays the next time you need to book an appointment.

Patient Identity Verification

My Health

What is My Health?

My Health is a wellbeing platform designed to provide patients with personalised information and advice on the areas of their health that they wish to explore and improve.  Rooted in the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine, My Health has been designed with a focus on promoting the importance of positive wellbeing in preventing poor health and keeping our patients well for longer. It aims to do this by encouraging a proactive approach to managing one’s health and developing new, healthy behaviours.

My Health provides access to a carefully curated library of reading and audio resources, and a range of mindfulness exercises on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress and relationships.

Is My Health part of my DCA membership?

Yes My Health is included as part of your DCA membership*.


* excluding AXA

Do I have to pay to access My Health?

No, it is a free service.

Do I need to register for My Health separately?

My Health is accessible once you have activated your DCA account.

Will I need to update my software/app to be able to access My Health?

There should not be anything additional that you need to do in order to access My Health, however, we will be continually updating and improving this part of the app – as we do with all parts of your DCA app – and so we encourage you to set the app to auto-upgrade or to regularly check for updates. Using the service on an older version of our apps may impact your quality of experience.

How do I access My Health?

When you log into your account you will be able to access My Health via a prompt on the home screen.

Which device(s) can I access My Health on?

My Health Is available on desktop and smart phone.

Will members on my DCA plan also have access to My Health?

Anyone with their own, personal log-in will be able to access My Health. That means that all over-18 members on your account will have access to My Health.

Will the GP be able to see what I am doing in My Health?

No, GPs will not have access to your personal use of My Health and the information that you have accessed. They are aware of this part of our service and may reference or sign post you there, should they feel information and activities in this section would benefit your health journey. We do encourage you to discuss your experience of My Health with our GPs, as it may support your conversation and provide helpful information to the GP about the tools you are using, but only if you feel comfortable to do so.

Is my use of My Health shared with any third party provider?

No personally identifiable information regarding your use of My Health will be shared with any third party without your explicit consent. We may, from time to time, share aggregated anonymous information about how our patients are engaging with this section of the app as part of wider reporting but not in any format that would deem the information as identifiable in any way.