Independent Non-Executive Director

Dr. Spencer’s appointment is effective 03 July 2023, and she will also assume responsibility for chairing the Company’s Audit and Risk Management Committee. Dr. Spencer brings extensive experience in healthcare and life sciences, digital transformation and innovation as well as organisational governance.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and holds a PHD in Novel therapies for Paediatric Cancers and a General Medical Degree. Aleksandra has a successful record of transforming and growing business through innovation. She gained her experience through working with fortune 500 companies, including HCA Healthcare, Pfizer and Merck to reshape their strategies; enabling them to transform into patient/consumer experience driven organisations that engage with the Healthcare Providers, Payers, and Patients in an innovative, secure and compliant way. Aleksandra spent several years with IBM in the technology and business consulting sector advising a wide range of clients on how to transform their businesses to adapt to changing market conditions, improve efficiency, increase competitiveness, and ultimately deliver better value to customers and shareholders.

As part of the Executive Team at Optegra International, Aleksandra led a successful business transformation programme during COVID, focused on pathway standardisation and digital transformation; launching virtual consultations, paperless ways of working, shifting strategy from exclusively private towards a mix of private and publicly-funded surgery. This enabled Optegra to be a profitable and sustainable business, more customer-centric yet highly agile, flexible and innovative.