Paul commenced working as a GP in Braintree in 1991 and quickly developed an interest in quality improvement. This led Paul to a parallel career in NHS management. His first achievement was to set up and then run one of the first Care Trusts in the country, merging health and social care into one organisation.


Paul then went on to run various Primary Care Trusts (NHS Commissioning organisations) over the next ten years culminating in being CEO of NHS Cambridgeshire in January 2010 and incorporating NHS Peterborough in July 2010. 


In July 2010, he was also asked to lead the development of GP clinical commissioning groups in the East of England. In Feb 2011, he joined the King's Fund as Medical Advisor.


Paul joined Bupa as CMO in July 2012. Bupa is a funder of health care and has a significant global provision business, including hospitals, clinics, primary care, dental and aged care. He was accountable for the safety and quality of care on a global basis and a member of the executive team, and closely involved in strategy and performance.


Paul left Bupa in Dec 2019 to start a portfolio career. He is now involved in supporting the growth of a diagnostic imaging company, a group developing luxury aged care services, an ambulatory clinic business in Saudi Arabia, VHI provision in Ireland and Doctor Care Anywhere. During the pandemic, he retrained as a GP and still work as a GP.


My passion lies in quality improvement and safety in health care services. Good governance is essential to all aspects of health care. Good governance fundamentally resides within the culture of an organisation. We need to work to ensure that we create an environment of support and learning, one where we are curious, where we challenge, where mistakes will happen, however, we learn and develop together.