A day in the life

of Callum Metcalfe-O'Shea, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Working as an ANP for DoctorCareAnywhere provides the opportunity to deliver high quality care in a supportive environment which encourages growth and development. As with any healthcare role, it is a busy and fast-paced work setting but thrives on enthusiastic and hard-working team members to ensure excellent patient care.

It can be difficult to define a typical day in the life of a DCA ANP but be reassured it is varied and exciting utilising digital healthcare at its best! Digital healthcare work is always exciting and allows myself to use my advanced knowledge to its best.

So what does a typical work day look like for me?

7:30-8am = Get myself ready to work for the day, setting up my office environment comfortably – always with a coffee at hand!

8-8:30am = Log onto my DCA laptop, fire up our communication network and consulting platform ready for the day, catch up on important emails and say hello to the working team

8:30-5:30pm = This may vary throughout the day depending on the clinical/administrative needs but is not limited to:
• Working through diagnostic results always with support of senior members of the team, reviewing and ensuring safe actioning of results such as bloods, MRIs, and ultrasounds
• Reviewing the prescribing needs for our patients through our own dedicated prescribing platform to ensure patients receive appropriate and safe prescriptions for a variety of healthcare needs in a timely manner
• Moving towards undertaking ANP consultations reviewing patients via a dedicated digital platform for a variety of healthcare concerns through either phone or video consultations, and from this either prescribing appropriate treatment or referring to appropriate specialities in line with robust clinical referral guidelines
• Attending team or individual meetings with appropriate leads or managers for training purposes and to reflect and review good practice

5:30-6pm = Continue to meet the needs of the platform whilst again reviewing emails, communicating with colleagues, and identifying any needs or concerns that may need handing over to appropriate team members before finishing for the day

You may ask – what are the benefits of working as a remote ANP for Doctor Care Anywhere? Some of these include:
• Dedicated and palpable support from Head of Advanced Clinical Practice and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Service Leads
• Flexible working patterns to provide a good work-life balance
• Development opportunities across both clinical and managerial roles
• In house support with learning and development opportunities to improve or develop areas of specialist interest
• Strong communication links via our designated communication networks with access to patient experience, IT, clinical and operation teams

As you can see – the role is varied and exciting, and honestly a day flies by before you know it! Many ANPs may ask will I be lonely? Will I be supported? – be reassured through our communication network I have made great working relationships and find I speak to more people in a day than I do in a room at a GP surgery!
Remote working allows for a great work-life balance and allows me to undertake other hobbies outside work in a flexible manner.

I started in 2021 on a part-time contract, but soon realised the patient care and development benefits of this role. With regular team meetings and support, I have thoroughly enjoyed this environment so much that I have now moved to working nearly full time for DCA. The support and communication is also great at DCA – so if you’re thinking of a role in Digital Health then I would 100% recommend you apply today!