Health tracking

Take control of your health and data with our health tracking app.

Track symptoms, medication
and measurements

Create, export and print
health reports and charts

Share your tracking
with your doctor

Set up medication reminders and
sync with Apple Health

Track the things that
affect your health

Thanks to our health tracker, you can tailor your tracking to monitor the symptoms, conditions and lifestyle factors that directly impact your health.

  • Track the impact of your lifestyle factors such as the amount of sleep and exercise you’re getting through to your diet and stress levels
  • Record all kinds of measurements, from the number of steps taken to the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Check and track everything from your blood pressure and blood sugar levels to your weight and energy levels

Get perspective.
Spot patterns.

By tracking your symptoms, you can get a better overview of your health and see what needs attention. As well as spotting patterns, you can:

  • Monitor the effect of a new medication or a change in diet and exercise
  • See when the ups and downs happen
  • Track your progress, see where improvements are working and highlight what areas need more attention   

Make the most of your
appointments (and make
it easy for your doctor)

By monitoring your health yourself, you can very quickly get your doctor up to speed by showing them a far more accurate picture of how you’ve been doing. This will make it even easier for them to help you stay on track, make improvements and suggest potential alternatives.

  • Share your up-to-date info with your doctor and other healthcare professionals to better assess and advise on your condition(s)
  • Download reports and charts to show your doctor what’s been going on in between appointments
  • Upload everything to your patient record for an in-depth, up-to-date log of your health

Never forget to take
your medication

You can also set up medication reminders, so no matter how many pills or potions you need to take on a daily basis, you’ll never forget again.

Sean's story

The app is amazing for monitoring my symptoms

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Some of the
conditions you
can track

Back pain
Coeliac disease
Crohn’s disease
Hay fever

The sort of
you can record

Abdominal pain rating
Blood glucose
Blood pressure
Energy level
Heart rate
Peak flow

The type of
lifestyle factors
you can monitor

Alcohol consumption
Calorie consumption
Cholesterol intake
Dairy intake
Fruit & veg portions

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