Men's Health Month

What’s really behind those moustaches?

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The days are growing shorter and moustaches are sprouting across top lips everywhere. Yes, it's Men's Health Month, and a perfect reminder that your health matters.  

We know that the average man pays less attention to his health than the average woman. So don’t be average, and make time this November to prioritise your wellbeing. 

Be aware  

Men's Health Month is a great opportunity to think about the issues that predominantly affect men. Whether it’s being aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer, or getting to know what’s normal for your testicles, make sure you know the facts and take action if you develop symptoms.  

Getting involved with initiatives such as No Shave November or any of the numerous Movember challenges can also help raise awareness and money for good causes, all while having a good time.  

Help healthy habits stick 

It's tempting to sit back and hibernate as the November nights draw in. But why not use Men's Health Month to kick start some healthy habits instead?  

Whether it’s harnessing your competitive nature with a step or cycling challenge, arranging walking meetings or swapping staff room cakes for healthier snacks, don’t let unhealthy habits hold you back.  

You can also access the Doctor Care Anywhere ‘My Health’ wellbeing platform directly from your phone. This provides free, personalised information and advice about nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress and relationships.  

Get your ‘Man MOT’  

Make sure you don't take better care of your car than yourself! Giving your body a once-over doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Why not try out the DIY Man MOT, a quick and easy health check you can do at home, or discuss any concerns on a Doctor Care Anywhere video call with a GP or an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP). 

Big boys can cry  

Men are just as likely as anyone to struggle with their mental health, but less likely to get the support they need. So remember, it’s OK to not be OK. 

Strong social connections can help protect our mental health. Whether it’s making time to join others for coffee, getting to know your colleagues over a meal or reaching out to someone who may be struggling, find ways to connect. 

It can feel daunting to open up about your mental health, but if you're feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Doctor Care Anywhere is here to help   

Whether it’s dealing with little problems before they become big ones, support when you’re feeling overwhelmed or a chance to discuss concerns confidentially, our clinicians are on hand 24/7. 


 Last reviewed: October 2022.


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