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The app is amazing for
monitoring my symptoms

To say I lead a busy life is an understatement. On top of my day job, I also help my friend manage her acting career and tend to be out most evenings after work. At the weekend, I’m either taking my actress friend to some sort of event or audition or catching up with other friends I’ve not seen during the week. So having two jobs and an active social life doesn’t leave me with time for much else. I wouldn’t change it for a second as I love being busy but I’m a big fan of finding new ways to save myself time and make my life that bit easier.

As I work outside of London during the week, seeing a doctor has a big impact on my working day. Even if I get an early appointment, I won’t get into the office until mid morning and if the doctor is running late, I lose half a day, just for a ten minute appointment. 

Sean, user of Doctor Care Anywhere, getting to work and using the Doctor care Anywhere app.

My second appointment with Doctor Care Anywhere was a real catalyst in helping diagnose a stomach issue that’s been bothering me for ages. I was amazed at how much changed during that 20 minutes. I know it sounds daft but it’s totally true. Dr. Glass really drilled into what the problem was and went through every part of my life in this incredibly analytic way.

I mean - no other doctor has ever done that for me. I felt like she really wanted to help.

Sean has got the peace of mind to get on with his daily life, thanks to Doctor Care Anywhere

After being referred to a gastroenterologist by Dr. Glass, I can now track my health myself through the app. I love my tech. I absolutely love it. I’d be lost without my phone so being able to monitor my symptoms through the app is amazing.

What I eat can have a direct impact on my condition and until now, I’ve not been able to pinpoint exactly what food triggers a flare up. I can now record when, where and why the flare ups occur. I can monitor my progress and see what causes me to have a reaction, all of which is especially helpful when it comes to showing my doctor during my follow up appointments. Just knowing what steps I have to take to manage my condition and the support that comes with that makes me feel like I’m properly back in control of my health.

I hate letting people down. I’m not one of those people who bails. I pride myself on that. And even though I have a lot going on, I make it all work.

Seeing a doctor, getting a repeat prescription, monitoring my diet, taking an active role in my health - it just fits into my life now.

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