Benjamin's story

Knowing I can get care
wherever I am is brilliant


I first used Doctor Care Anywhere a couple of summers ago when I got a full-blown ear infection following a holiday in Greece.

After a week of sunshine, spanakopita and swimming in the sea every day, I was on my way to a conference in Bournemouth when my ear started hurting. By the time I arrived at the conference, it had gone from bad to worse and I was due to be presenting the next day.

At first, I thought my ear was simply blocked but nothing I tried would clear it. I felt really rough and was on the point of going home when I remembered I had Doctor Care Anywhere. Back in my hotel room, I booked an appointment and spoke to a very helpful doctor who asked me for specific details until he was able to diagnose what was up.  

I was immediately prescribed with some drops which were delivered to my hotel within a couple of hours.

All I had to do was go down to the reception and pick them up. The drops started working right away and I was able to present the next day without any trouble.

Benjamin runs his own business consultancy

Running my own consultancy, I travel a fair bit for work, so knowing I can get care wherever I am is bloody great. The combination of online consultation and being able to get medicine delivered to wherever I am is so handy. Even when I’m home, taking time off to go to the doctor just doesn’t work for my schedule, so the service is invaluable to me.

I’d say I’m fairly health conscious. I don’t drink and try to be vegan as much as possible but I do have a lot of coffee and sugary things. Stress tends to make me hungrier and I find it hard to fit in exercise when I’m working. Taking care of myself comes after getting everything else done, so it’s really good to be able to keep track of my diet, exercise and general health all in the same place, especially when I move around so much.

I’ve suffered from migraines since I was 18 and getting a repeat prescription is a complete pain. It should be relatively straightforward but in practice, the whole process is long and over complicated. My local GP isn’t open on Saturday mornings anymore so to get an appointment, I have to book weeks in advance and that just doesn’t work for me.

While I only have to go the doctor to renew my repeat prescription every few months, it feels like a real rigmarole especially when my dosage hasn’t changed. Having to go in to get it renewed feels like a tick box exercise and it’s something I’ve been having to do since I was 18 years old.

I love that I can now manage all this by myself. I love not having the hassle of having to remember to renew my prescription. I’m still getting excellent medical advice and I can do it wherever I am.


Home or abroad, get the medicine you need on the same day


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