The first step in looking after your business

GP consultations

Individualised goal-setting and benchmarking

Appointments available
24/7 by video or phone

Access to a range of
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GPs trained to treat the
mind and body as one

Our minds matter - we need to look after them. In turbulent times, employees need access to dedicated mental health services.

With 24/7 access to GPs by video or phone, you can give your employees access to mental health support whenever and wherever they need it. And it works alongside our regular health service – so your employees can look after their mind and body as one.

Ready to help your business?

The first steps in looking after your business

Our minds matter – we need to look after them. In turbulent times that means we need access to dedicated mental health services.

Things have changed. Businesses are now considered to be responsible for their employees’ mental health. 1 in 6 people experience mental health problems in the workplace, and 12% of all workplace absences can be put down to poor mental health. We’re hoping to change that.

Why see a GP for your mental health?

Our GPs look beyond a patient’s mind to assess a complete, overall picture of their health. That includes looking at physical problems arising from their mental health concerns or mental health issues arising from physical problems. As well as environmental factors that contribute to how they’re feeling.

Our GPs train with mental health specialists to improve the way we evaluate patients. With their many years of experience, they're well equipped to look after mental health concerns. Each doctor can put together individualised plans and goals to improve your employees' overall wellbeing.

With the help of our GPs, you’ll be shown how to deal with your health concerns; understand what you can control and what you can’t. It’s a full-bodied approach to care.

Why longer appointments?

It’s hard to explain how you’re feeling at the drop of a hat. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, it can take a while to work through and understand your thoughts. Getting to the root of your concerns in one quick GP appointment isn’t realistic.

So we’re doing things differently. After the first regular 20 minute appointment, some patients will be referred to a longer, up to 40 minute consultation with the same GP to better explore what is going on and what goals the patient wants to achieve. It helps us better understand the patient and work on what is actually worrying or upsetting them.

Meet our clinical governance committee

With over 10+ years of clinical experience, our clinical governance committee lead the way in making sure we provide quality patient care in everything we do.

Professor Dickon Weir-Hughes


Dr. Michael Yousif

Mental Health Expert
“Doctor Care Anywhere has been supporting our clients with high quality GP services for several years now, and we are delighted to be adding additional elements that allow employees to access a wider range of tools to support both their physical and mental health.”
Dr Kate Bunyan
Chief Clinical Innovation Officer

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