Building strong corporate relationships to deliver effective telehealth

Doctor Care Anywhere operates in the telehealth industry, across areas including Primary Care, Secondary Care and Remote Care. The company’s model uses its technology platform to provide joined up care across the patient journey, and deliver better outcomes for patients, payors and clinicians.

Doctor Care Anywhere has significantly improved the patient journey with faster, easier access to care; joined up patient pathways using one single patient record; and removed long waits for appointments, tests and consultations. It is also delivering better clinical outcomes through its meticulous standardisation of diagnostics; delivery of greater levels of transparency; and enablement of more effective collaboration between healthcare professionals. Through better management of the patient journey, smarter procurement and fewer unnecessary referrals, the company is also delivering a proven cost savings model for payors. Service providers in healthcare systems are in some circumstances motivated by incentives which may have the effect of patients undergoing unnecessary treatments and payors incurring unnecessary costs.

Doctor Care Anywhere aims to deliver health insurers a reduction in claims costs of up to 20% by joining up primary and secondary care, and in doing so, reduce unnecessary appointments, diagnostic tests and waiting times.

Doctor Care Anywhere’s present strategic focus is on the UK Private Healthcare Market. The company operates through a business model of “business to business to consumer” (B2B2C), and has built effective channel relationships with some of the world’s largest health insurers, healthcare providers and corporate customers, through which it connects with patients and delivers to them a range of telehealth services. Doctor Care Anywhere currently serves over 1,500 corporate and SME clients that are accessed via its channel relationships, which means that it currently offers healthcare services to 2 million patients across the United Kingdom.  


Doctor Care Anywhere is committed to improve the patient journey, and continues to develop its technology platform, improve operational efficiency and develop new propositions