Products and Services

Delivering better outcomes for patients, payors and clinicians with Virtual GP and Internet Hospital services

Doctor Care Anywhere is committed to delivering high-quality, effective and efficient care to its patients, while reducing the overall cost of providing clinical services. The company integrates wellbeing, primary care and secondary care through a combination of clinical services, supported by its cloud-based technology platform. Doctor Care Anywhere offers two types of services, Virtual GP and the Internet Hospital. Services are provided to private medical insurers, healthcare providers, corporate clients and private individuals. 

Virtual GP

Doctor Care Anywhere offers 20-minute virtual GP consultations, in the form of video and phone consultations with GPs directly employed by the company. Patients are able to speak with their chosen doctor at any time that is convenient for them, from any location around the world where the internet may be accessed. Virtual consultations are available to patients through the use of a self-service booking facility on Doctor Care Anywhere’s proprietary platform.

Other solutions available to patients, as part of Doctor Care Anywhere’s Virtual GP service, offered since 2015, are: health assessments; electronic health records; and prescriptions. An electronic health record give patients 24/7 access to their medical records, including, where relevant, any referrals and official statements regarding their fitness to work. Private prescriptions can either be delivered to a patient’s home, directly sent to a patient’s pharmacy of choice anywhere in the world, or be automatically uploaded on to the patient’s account for them to take to any participating pharmacy, as part of the business’s ePrescriptions service.

Internet Hospital

A strategically important and enhanced service offering is Doctor Care Anywhere’s Internet Hospital propositionwhich was first launched with AXA Health in January 2019. This unites primary and secondary care in a single, seamless patient experience. It currently covers seven medical specialities: cardiology; ear, nose and throat; gastroenterology; gynaecology; orthopaedics; spinal; and urology. There are plans for mental health to be added shortly 


Using the Internet Hospital, a Doctor Care Anywhere GP can order relevant diagnostic tests, following a virtual consultation with a patient, and arrange for a corresponding referral approval request to be sent to a payor, automatically, through a secure piece of software. Test results from the referral are then reviewed online by a Doctor Care Anywhere specialist consultant, who provides a care plan that a GP is able to share with the patient during a follow-up virtual consultation. If the patient requires in-person management, that option is also available

the future, Doctor Care Anywhere will enable patients to use its platform to have safe and secure virtual consultations with clinical specialists, in order to replace the numerous in-person visits required by patients that can sometimes result in disjointed information flows. This will be facilitated through the Electronic Health Record which will enable patient referrals to be made directly to specialists prior to, or immediately following, diagnostics.  


The Internet Hospital has the potential significantly to reduce the number of in-person consultations that patients need to attend; helping patients avoid long waits for appointments, tests and consultations; and, in this way, making patients’ overall healthcare journey to diagnosis and management more efficient, understandable and controllable. Meanwhile, the Internet Hospital can deliver reduced costs for the payor through better control of the patient journey, smarter procurement, and fewer unnecessary referrals to specialist and secondary care.  


Doctor Care Anywhere is also currently expanding its mental health services; these will be led by GPs specifically trained in the management of complex mental and physical conditions. These services will seek to integrate a range of digital and in-person treatment options, including relevant digital therapies and self-management tools.