Hi! 👋
We’re the product design team at Doctor Care Anywhere!

We’re responsible for defining, creating and designing the product vision, strategy and roadmap.

We work hard to understand our users’ problems, design elegant solutions and work with engineering to build kick-ass products.

We design the experiences, content, interfaces and the results that our patients have been able to utilise.
The Product Design Team
Doctor Care Anywhere

We've just hired! 👨‍💻

We've just filled our roles for a UX designer and Senior User Researcher!

Meet Jennifer Cearns here and Wan Li here!

What have we made? 📐

Quite a lot of great things, actually. Have a look...

Designing a service for 2.2 million users

Helping 100 UK trained GPs carry out 55,000 consultations in 2020

Crafting a first of its kind diagnostics review product

What's on our mind? 💡

We've been trying to get our heads around Braze, thinking about how Storybook could help us manage our design system, dusting off Adobe After Effects so we can make JSON animations with Lottie and getting to grips with Lookback so we can keep user testing even through lockdown.

We're also learning about Pretotyping, enjoying the occasional beer over Zoom, checking out as many remote product events as we can get to, and holding out for a Hey invite 👀

Our blog ✍️

Read about our team, and some of the things we're working on currently. You can follow us on Medium.

Working with us

Are you hiring?

We're currently looking for a UX designer and a senior user researcher! Please also keep an eye on our LinkedIn jobs page, as we'll be on the look out for UX designers, UX researchers, content designers and interaction designers.

What tools do you use?

We're currently using a bit of a mix, which we're fine with! Pencils and Post-It notes are a staple, but we'll whiteboard with Miro, brainstorm using Zoom, and chat over Slack.

For high fidelity designs, we mostly use Sketch and Adobe XD. Handoff with Zeplin.

For prototyping, we use ProtoPie, Framer, XD, Marvel, work directly in Xcode... or just use bits of paper! It all depends on the job at hand.

Do you have tone of voice guidelines?

We do, and you can read them here! 📢 It's a super simple tool for telling our users how we feel about the message we’re sending. It's comprised of three tone principles, which ensure we communicate in a simple, thoughtful and friendly way. It's also a great way to keep things sounding consistent. You can read about how we made it here.

Who can I speak to about interning?

You’re interested in interning! Amazing! Email Matt at matthew.chaplin@doctorcareanywhere.com, and we'll take it from there.