Taking care of yourself and your family while living in a new country can be tricky, especially when you’re unwell. Our doctors can see you, irrespective of your location.

Speak to doctors you know and trust

When you’re living abroad, knowing where to go to find the right healthcare professional to speak to can be as difficult as things getting lost in translation. All our doctors are GMC registered and have worked for at least 5 years as General Practitioners (GPs) in the UK. They can see you for a consultation, help you access the medication you need anywhere outside the US and give you reassurance and peace of mind, wherever in the world you happen to be.

Get unbiased medical advice

At Doctor Care Anywhere, we are 100% financially independent and our doctors do not have any additional incentives to refer you on or prescribe medications, they will just have your best interest at heart and follow best clinical practice. All your referrals letters, fit notes and written prescriptions are included in the cost of the service. There are no hidden extra costs.

Avoid waiting rooms altogether

The last place you want to be when you’re ill is stuck in a room full of other people who are ill. By speaking to one of our doctors from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be, you’re guaranteed not pick anything else up.

See the same doctor (whether you’re in Bali or Birmingham)

Whether you’re travelling for work, taking a holiday or happen to move city or country, you can choose to see the same doctor you usually do. Just book an appointment whenever you’re both awake.

Get the right treatment wherever you are

Whether it’s delivering your medication from the UK or simply equipping you with the information you need to go and pick up the right over-the-counter medicine, our team will help you get the medication you need, wherever you are.

Look after your family (even if you’re not in the same country)

Whether your kids are away on a school trip, are off staying with their grandparents or you’re the one working away, you can still look after them if they get sick. Your child (with a designated guardian) can have their appointment with one of our doctors as normal and you can then access their notes and treatment plan after the consultation.

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If you would like more information or have a question, Clare will be more than happy to help you out.

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Head of UK Partnerships
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