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Our online platform allows you to login and work from home
or your surgery at times that suit you.

How it works

Easy to use and set up, you can manage your appointments from your home or surgery. Just log in to Doctor Care Anywhere on your computer to start your day.

Video + phone appointments

Automatic reminders are sent 10 minutes before a consultation to both yourself and your patients so that you have time to log in and get comfortable. All our video and phone appointments are secure and allow you to:

  • See all your scheduled upcoming appointments and previous consultations
  • Have longer minute consultations with patients for safer care. Appointments are 5 minutes longer than standard NHS consultations.
  • Allot time to write up patient notes which are then instantly available for your patients to reference and share
  • Get technical and clinical support throughout your consultations

Prescriptions, referrals
and fit notes

You can prescribe and refer instantly following your consultation. At the touch of a button, you can:

  • Offer advice on self care and over-the-counter medications at home or abroad
  • Add consultation notes for patients to reference straight after a consultation
  • Arrange for delivery of privately prescribed medications directly to the patient wherever they are
  • Send prescription to patients’ nearest local pharmacy for same day pick up
  • Save all referrals and fit notes directly to your patients’ clinical record (so no need to worry about catching the last post).

Health tracking

Our in-built health tracker allows patients to set up medication reminders, monitor their long term condition symptoms and overall health and share their findings with you or other healthcare professionals during consultations allowing:

  • Assessment of a patient’s progress between appointments
  • Assessment of the impact of everything from the effect of new medication to changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle
  • Provide a more tailored and informed management advice

The sort of routine primary care conditions we treat:

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Asthma
  • Coughs and colds
  • Depression and low moods
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Ear, nose and throat problems
  • Hay-fever
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Men’s health
  • Musculoskeletal problem (backache, joint/muscular pain)
  • Skin conditions
  • Sleeping difficulty and tiredness
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Women's health (menstrual problems)

What we don’t treat

As Doctor Care Anywhere is not an emergency medical service, here are some examples of medical emergencies we don’t treat:


  • Difficulty in breathing or severe shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Suspected heart attack
  • Suspected stroke or seizures
  • Severe pain (especially of sudden onset)
  • Severe infections
  • High fever in unwell infants
  • Obstetric or pregnancy complications
  • Severe bleeding
  • Serious trauma to head, spine or limbs 
    (e.g. broken bones or burns)
  • Severe mental health concerns 
    (e.g. self harm, suicidal thoughts or psychosis)

Working with us

As a doctor founded company, we know that happy doctors make for happy patients. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that all our doctors get to work how they want and when they want with the best support and training.

Training and support

Doctor Care Anywhere has developed a unique training programme for our GPs including a specific component on Telemedicine Consultation Skills developed together with Dr. Roger Neighbour, OBE and former President of Royal College of GPs and author of the medical classic The Inner Consultation. Our training and support programme includes:

  • Video tutorials taking you through how our platform works
  • Access to a mock website so you can familiarise yourself with our triage and consulting process
  • Online training session and mock consultations with our clinical leadership team
  • Telemedicine consultation skills training
  • Medical service induction including clinical governance, clinical guidelines and pathways
  • Review of any technical set up queries with in house tech team
  • GP networking and set up on GP panel communication channels
  • Set up for ongoing mentoring and support from Clinical Leadership and GP panel admin teams

95% of GPs rated the training and induction process as excellent or exemplary.

Flexible working

As one of our GPs, you can work when suits you. All we ask is that you do a minimum of one session a week. You can:

  • Work whenever suits you between 8am-10pm
  • Choose from flexible session times
  • Fit private work around your existing commitments and lifestyle
  • Work from a suitable professional environment anywhere you have good internet connection home or away
  • Retain self employed status
  • Salaried roles and clinical leadership roles possibilities in innovative medical field of digital health

Competitive package

Doctor Care Anywhere allows you to find a work life balance and still practice the type of medicine you’ve always wanted to. We offer:

  • Competitive hourly rates for the sector
  • Comprehensive medical indemnity insurance
  • Doctor Care Anywhere membership for you and your family
  • Online CPD training membership


After your initial induction training, your mentor will oversee your first few sessions, discuss each session in detail with you afterwards and use this as a basis for providing a formal review.

You continue to receive ongoing support and feedback as required as well as an annual clinical work and patient feedback appraisal, both of which can be used towards your formal external appraisals and revalidation purposes.

Clinical Governance

The Doctor Care Anywhere Clinical Governance Board meets throughout the year to review the clinical service and advice on ongoing innovative developments, clinical guidelines and processes. We are extremely proud to have senior medical advisors as external representation on our Clinical Governance Board, including the board Chairman, Dr. James Kingsland OBE, who is also president of the National Association of Primary Care.

Personal attributes
and requirements

  • Evidence of qualification of membership of The Royal College of General Practitioners
  • General Medical Council clean registration as a GP with licence to practice and up-to-date revalidation
  • Ongoing annual appraisal with a Responsible Officer from registered Designated Body
  • Registration on UK National Performers List

To work with us,
you must also be:

  • Committed to providing high quality care
  • Committed to keeping up-to-date with developments in general practice, both clinical and organisational
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about clinical general practice
  • Experienced and skilled in remotely assessing symptoms as well as physical and psychological signs in order to establish a diagnosis where possible
  • Able to exercise sound clinical judgment in what ongoing care is needed for patients
  • Skilled in the art of communication and the process of the consultation
  • Able to listen carefully and explain clearly and effectively to patients, families and colleagues
  • Caring and understanding in your approach to both patients and their families
  • Able to contribute to the prevention of illness and the promotion of health
  • Proficient at keeping clear, coherent and timely medical records for each patient that can be easily referred to by patients, clinicians and auditors alike
Dr. Glass' story

This new way of practicing medicine really fits into my life

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Frequently asked

What equipment do I need?

All you need is your own video-enabled computer and a good broadband internet connection.

Can I work from home?

You can work from your home or your surgery. All you need is your own video-enabled computer and a good broadband internet connection.

What hours can I work?

Doctor Care Anywhere provides consultations 8am-10pm, 365 days a year. We break these down into sessions between 2 and 4 hours long, which you can choose to work on a regular basis. Sometimes additional work may also be available on an ad hoc basis. All we ask is that you do a minimum of one session a week.

What type of patients will I be seeing?

Our patients come to us from a wide range of sources including private medical insurers, affinity schemes and corporate occupational health cover to private individuals.

Is Indemnity Insurance Provided?

Full medical malpractice indemnity insurance is provided. This is a group cover policy which covers you for all the work that you undertake on the platform. 

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