Our team

To be a service that properly puts patients first, you need to have the best people making that happen with the best of intentions. And that’s the sort of team we’ve built at Doctor Care Anywhere.


  • Dr. Bayju Thakar MBBS BSc
    Founder and Director

    After practicing General Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry, Bayju went to join Mckinsey & Co to work within their healthcare practice before co-founding Doctor Care Anywhere. He is also founder and CEO of Synergix Health Limited.

    At medical school, Bayju was taught that a good doctor treated the disease but a great doctor treated the patient. He passionately believes that using technology in the right way can give doctors the time and space to be great. In doing so at Doctor Care Anywhere, this gives our patients access to the care they deserve.

Senior management

  • Clare Corlett
    Head of UK Partnerships

    With a decade of experience in various marketing, project and relationship management roles, Clare has worked across a variety of sectors including FMCG and Solar, where she managed the rollout of a solar proposition in IKEA stores across the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

    Clare works closely with our business clients to make sure they receive the best service from Doctor Care Anywhere as a healthcare provider and partner.

    Her desire to shout about Doctor Care Anywhere from the rooftops stems from her belief that there is a real need for the service in today’s society, not to mention the amazing people she works with every day and the strong values that underpin everything they do.

  • James Harris
    Head of Customer Services

    Having worked in healthcare for the past decade, James managed a large panel of doctors for a major medical legal firm before moving on to a rehabilitation firm where he handled more than 2,500 patients a month.

    At Doctor Care Anywhere, James looks after the day-to-day management of both our panel of doctors and our customer service team. They work together to support our patients, ensuring everyone who uses our service enjoys the best experience possible.

    Working with a team who are so passionate about revolutionising healthcare is a huge motivator for James. He believes that Doctor Care Anywhere can significantly improve people’s lives and that in order to really do that, having a gold star customer service right at the centre is essential.

  • Mark Findlater
    Chief Technology Officer

    A technologist with 15 years experience in building robust and scalable systems, Mark has worked for everyone from Whitbread to Premier Inn and the BBC as well as co-founding his own data start up, Clarifi Media.

    Mark leads our on and offshore development teams and is responsible for architecting and delivering our software solutions. He is also responsible for Test and Quality Assurance.

    Being able to create and provide tools that genuinely help people manage their personal health and reduce stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives is as fun as it is rewarding and with new services being added all the time, in Mark’s own words, digital health is an exciting place to be.

  • Liza Levy, MBA
    Head of International

    Fluent in Mandarin, Hebrew, Spanish and English speak, Liza has spent most of her career working overseas.

    After helping to set up the social media department for Ogilvy in Shanghai and helping major Premier League football clubs develop their fan bases in China, she completed her MBA at INSEAD in France and won the Business Venture Competition award and Women Entrepreneur For Promotion in 2011.

    Back in the UK, she worked for Big Fish Design before joining Doctor Care Anywhere to oversee how we grow and develop our service to clients outside the UK.

    Having experienced first hand just how much can get lost in translation, Liza believes that healthcare needs innovative teams and services like Doctor Care Anywhere to help people access trusted and good quality healthcare, no matter where they are.

A new approach to healthcare

When it comes to health and wellbeing, we want to give you and your family peace of mind, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our vision