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Since online reviews are the way most people tend to rate and read up on services nowadays, we thought the best way to showcase what we do is to let some of our users do the talking for us.

Having access to Doctor Care Anywhere is both handy and helpful, at the time when you need it most.
Justine Roberts
CEO, Mumsnet
It gives me great peace of mind to know that I can book an appointment or my family at the last minute and out-of-hours.
Father & Lawyer
I have just used Doctor Care Anywhere and was incredibly impressed. What an efficient seamless and professional service. Everything about it from the booking availability, to having my son's prescription within 4 hours was effortless and made easy.
Mother Of Two
Career Coach
I used DCA this morning for the first time - absolutely brilliant. So quick and easy. Doctor was lovely, technology simple to use. Fantastic service!
Dr. Max Pemberton
Editor of Spectator Health & Daily Mail Journalist
My new favourite online tool. GPs in my area are so hard to see with wait times of 1-2 weeks, and when you do see them they are rushed and rarely focus on you - so this is ideal for people like me who only need to see a doctor 1-2 times per year and who are a little time-poor! 5* service.
It was a remarkable service, delivering a process that usually takes weeks in just a few hours. It also meant I did not have to take time off work and all of my information is held electronically so no concern over losing my notes.
Healthcare and Education Industry Lead
Doctor Care Anywhere is a great service and it is fabulous that I can see the Doctor without leaving home. Sometimes as a mum the last thing you need when you are poorly, is to struggle with your toddler in the Doctor's waiting room!
Mother and Blogger

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When someone in your family is unwell, it’s nice to hear a reassuring voice

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The app is amazing for monitoring my symptoms

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This new way of practicing medicine really fits into my life

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Being able to get specialist referrals when I’m out on the road is great

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Knowing I can get care wherever I am is brilliant

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