A note on the NHS

We are not a replacement for the NHS. Nor do we want to be.
It’s important to say that upfront.

All of our doctors have worked for the NHS during their career and many still do.

What we do at Doctor Care Anywhere is complementary to the NHS. Not an alternative to it.

The NHS is at capacity and under huge amounts of pressure due to funding cuts and an ageing population. It wasn’t built for the way we use it today and as a result, is at breaking point.

We don’t want it to break.

Sometimes you need to speak to a doctor in order to get the medication you need to get better. Or just to put your mind at rest about something that’s been bothering you.

One of our aims with Doctor Care Anywhere is to alleviate the pressure on the NHS by helping people take charge of their own health and not clogging up the system with things that you don’t need to go into your local surgery for.

We want to be able to give patients the information, knowledge and support they need to manage their own health. And we want to work alongside the NHS to ensure that we’re all living healthier lives for longer.

A new approach to healthcare

We want to be the people you know you can always turn to whenever you need calm, reassuring support and advice.

Our vision