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Looking after your workforce


It pays to look after your employees’ health. And after a tough couple of years, more and more people are finally returning to the office, where it’s crucial to make employees feel important and well looked after. So, our newest and fastest way to access medical support couldn’t have come at a better time.

Introducing QuickConsult, a quicker way to access healthcare for all your employees (just when you thought we couldn’t make Doctor Care Anywhere any more convenient).

There’s less waiting around, less back and forth and your employees may be able to get the help and advice they need without making a GP appointment, or missing too much time off work.

Almost sounds too good to be true. Which is why we’ve pulled together some FAQs, so you can easily update everyone in your company about QuickConsult.

How does QuickConsult work?

On the Doctor Care Anywhere app, your employees can simply select the health condition that’s most relevant to them, complete a short questionnaire, and hit submit. One of our medical professionals will then review their request and provide them with the right prescription or advice.

Only available in the UK.

Will there be the need for a call?

One of our prescribers may need to contact your employee to discuss their condition in more detail before a decision is made. But this can be arranged to fit their schedule.

Is QuickConsult suitable for all?

Not all medical conditions are covered. The questionnaire for each available condition sets out a list of criteria that patients must meet in order to use the service.

What if an employee is feeling very unwell?

In general, if an employee is feeling very unwell or experiencing severe symptoms, you should encourage them to see their GP, or NHS Urgent Care/Emergency Services. Or make an appointment with a Doctor Care Anywhere doctor.

How fast is a response from QuickConsult?

Our prescribers will review requests and respond within five hours during operating hours, which are 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday – including public holidays.

Does QuickConsult guarantee a prescription?

No. Our medical professionals review each request and decide upon the most appropriate course of action. This may be a prescription, or it may be to provide medical advice.

Do you have to pay more for this service?

The QuickConsult service is covered under Doctor Care Anywhere packages. So, your employees can access this service at no additional cost. However, if a prescription is issued, they will need to pay for this when they come to collect it.

Continuing to find new ways to support your employees

It’s a well-known fact that companies who look after their employees, get more back. Not only do you have a team of happier, healthier employees, they’re much more productive. That’s why our QuickConsult service is an ideal addition to your Doctor Care Anywhere package. 

You can find out even more about this new service here.


Last reviewed - February 2022


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